About M&M Basketball Training

M&M Basketball Training has been in business for fifteen years, offering young trainees youth engagement services and an opportunity to learn core fundamentals that will benefit them in basketball and life. Our quarterly community service projects are an excellent way for trainees to give back to the community and make a positive impact. We firmly believe that change is intentional, not accidental, so we encourage our trainees to strive for continuous improvement daily. We hope our program will help shape the future leaders in our community, and we are excited to be a part of this journey. Our program offers high-quality training at unbeatable rates! You won't find a better deal anywhere else, with group training sessions starting at just $15.00 per hour and private sessions available for only $25.00 per 45-minute session. For groups or teams, we offer private sessions at only $25.00 per trainee for an hour and a half of training. And for those looking to perfect their shooting skills, we even offer a private 45-minute shooting machine session with shooting form correction by coach Thomas for just $15.00 - no rebounder needed! Plus, remember to ask about our special $5.00 discount. With our expert trainers and competitive rates, there's no better place to take your game to the next level. Don't wait - sign up today!